InsyaAllah S-2 di Faculty of Geoscience Utrecht University

Meretas jalan, mengukir masa depan. .
Bersiaplah untuk esok yang lebih baik. Berusaha maksimal bersama doa-doa yang kupanjatkan. InsyaAllah jawabanku S-2, Master of Human Geography and Planning, Faculty of Geoscience, Utrecht University, Netherland 🙂


Largest in the Netherlands

The Faculty of Geosciences is the largest university teaching centre for geosciences in the Netherlands, with approximately 2,200 students spread across five Bachelor’s programmes and 13 Master’s programmes. The faculty offers a complete range of geosciences programmes, representing both exact and social sciences. 

Top Quality

Students are challenged to do their very best. The faculty promotes an ambitious study climate, focusing on developing talent and quality. Highly motivated, extremely talented students can take part in honours programmes, which offer additional intellectual challenges. The quality of our education is assessed as good to very good, both by educational review boards and in surveys of students and professors (‘Elsevier’). 
Developments in the urbanised world

Times Square

Cities are becoming the ‘natural’ habitats of people and firms. Today more than half of the world population lives in cities and this share is expected to reach 70% by 2050. Within these cities, complex and dynamic relationships between inhabitants, visitors, firms and institutions foster innovation, creativity and economic growth, which contribute to quality-of-life and prosperity.
However, increasing urbanisation may also lead to social and economic inequalities, tensions between lifestyles and threats to health and well-being. Urban areas worldwide are diverse and experience varying developments, due to differences in their position in globalised urban systems, their location in a developed or developing country and specific cultural, social, political and physical characteristics.

Reasons behind the diverse developments in the urbanised world

In this Research Master’s programme you will study the reasons behind the diverse developments in the urbanised world, learn to translate up-to-date theoretical and methodological developments in human geography and planning into empirical research and to formulate effective policy recommendations to make cities more viable.

Research skills and ethics

Acquiring research skills and ethics is a principal aim of this Master’s programme, therefore it includes various courses on research skills and philosophy. More importantly, throughout the programme students are stimulated to participate in research, carry out their own research and discuss their research with peers and seniors. To this end, our students form an integral part of the URU research community.

Utrecht University, Department of Human Geography and Planning

Our department holds a unique position as the leading centre for academic research and teaching in academic and professional organisations in Human Geography and Planning in the Netherlands. The staff of the acclaimed Urban and Regional research centre of Utrecht (URU) supports a high standard of teaching in a wide range of specialisations.

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